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Let us help you with a vacation of a life time.

FREE Cruise Program

Group Leader

FREE Cruise Berth/Cabin

You can earn a free cruise by becoming a group leader! All you need to do will be to get a group together and sail then have the best time of your life. A group leader will be the person who will encourage a group of friends and family or co-workers to take a cruise vacation together on the same ship. Then, the group leader can cruise for free...yes FREE.

How will you sail for free?

The cruise lines award free tour conductor berth (bed) for 8 staterooms your group book. There's usually no restriction on the number of free beds you can earn, so book as many as you like the more you book the more you get.

How Many FREE Berths Can The Group Earn?

8 staterooms (16 guests) traveling = 1 *FREE Berth (bed)

16 staterooms (32 guests) traveling = 2 *FREE Berths ( 1 FREE stateroom)

24 staterooms (48 guests) traveling = 3 *FREE Berths (beds)

32 staterooms (64 guests) traveling = 4 * FREE Berths (2 FREE staterooms)

100 staterooms (200 guests) traveling = *12 FREE Berths (6 FREE staterooms)

Which Stateroom Will I Have?

Your stateroom will be based on the number of cabins you book in the same category.

Where Do I Find People To Cruise?

  • Social Clubs
  • Girlfriends Get-A-Way
  • Wedding & Religious Outlings
  • Business Groups/Associations
  • Friends & Neighbors
  • Family Reunions
  • Graduation Parties & Reunions
  • Veteran/Military Communities

When Will Be The Best Time To Cruise With A Group?

Any time of the year you would like, booking early will be the key to getting better rates

and availability. Great months May, June, September, October, early November, and

early December. Remember book early to get the best rates.

What Are The Benefits To Book A Group?

When you book as a group no one will have to pay the full deposit or cruise cost at one

time. There are payment plans available for you and your group.

Benefits Of A Group Cruise

  • FREE cruise fares for leaders - Group cruise leaders receive free cruise fares for 8 cabins sold
  • Special discounted rates - Some cruise lines offer exclusive group cruise discounts
  • Reduced deposit amounts - Many cruise lines offer reduced deposit amounts.
  • Personalized service - Get help from a dedicated Group Cruise Specialist
  • Group Dining - We can arrange for all members of your party to be seated together
  • Meeting space - Your group can reserve a room for meetings, parties, and more.
  • Payment Flexibility - Everyone can pay separately to make your experience easy.
  • Personalized Group Web Page - We will design a web page for your group.



Drake Travel LLC

Let us help you with a vacation of a life time.