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School Groups, Hobby Clubs, Fraternities and Sororities, Buying Clubs, Cultural Clubs,
 Church Groups, Family Groups,
Youth/Student Groups, Team Groups, Adult Groups,
Church or Religious Groups, Birthdays, Class Reunions
Book your group and enjoy all the highest standards and the great quality with the personal service the cruise ships have to offer. We have the lowest rates possible, and extra benefits for your group. There are a number of free amenities, upgrade categories, private rooms, group photos and even some complimentary cabins when you book a selected number of cabins.
As members of a your group you are always bonding as a  family, doing a group vacation cruise/trip it allows you to really bond on an even more fun time. Church groups as women groups, youth groups, men groups, choir groups and couple groups.
How to Save Time
Drake Travel can help you find the best cruise for your  group at no additional cost to you, and you will receive the best professional help as we work to save your group money. Drake Travel will handle all of the paperwork with the cruise lines, can also take all of the calls from members that are interested in booking with your group, and answer all questions about the cruise package. Leave the small details to Drake Travel; this will also give your church group more time to promote a great fun cruise.
Promoting your  Group Cruise:
Drake Travel can help you promote your  group fast and easy, we can have a simplicity page listed on the website for your group and for all that are interested can learn all about the cruise, sign up for the cruise, and also make payments.
Payment Plans:
We can help your  group with payment plans, giving you the option with starting with small deposits and up to 5 payments. Deposits are all started as low as $50.00 per person.
Friendly Personalized Service:
As you book your cruise with Drake Travel you will develop a personal connection with the group cruise agent. We can assigned an on board host that could be assigned to sail with your group depending on the size of your group at no additional cost, a little something to make sure that your  group cruise go as well as possible.
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