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Drakeford Celebration Cruise

Come and let's have some fun!!
Greetings Drakeford Familys,
        I hope and pray that all is well with everyone.  As you know, we have been planning the Drakeford Cruise Celebration Cruise for some time now.  The excitement grows each and every day as we work out plans for this fellowship, love and laugher.  We would like for each of you to join this celebration cruise, or stop by the hotel for meet and greet the night before the cruise. I own my on travel business for the pass 13 years, and we are one of the top ten travel agenices in Columbia, SC.  A number of Drakeford family members over the past 5 years have as asked me to do a Drakeford cruise for all the Drakefords. This is NOT a family reunion it’s a gathering of fellowship and lots of fun with everyone. So, come out and show the Drakeford name.
There will be three ways to win a cruise:
       Win a Drakeford cruise for FREE, how, we ask that you come up with the best T-Shirt design every, if we select your design you will cruise for FREE.
    Win a Drakeford cruise for FREE, there will be a cabin number drawing, and once we select that number we then will be drawing from the names that are listed in that cabin.
Win a Drakeford cruise for FREE, read my mind, this means you will do what you think the travel agency is thinking.
 There will be a lot of drawings for gift cards.
Once forms have been completed and mailed out please send to:
Drake Travel LLC
P. O. Box 25395
Columbia, SC 29224
Drake Travel LLC
2548 Main Street
Suite F
Elgin, SC 29045
Personal Email Address:  DrakefordDinkins@aol.com
Business Email Address: DrakesTravel@aol.com
Website: www.DrakesTravel.com
Acceptable forms of payments: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover   On your statement for credit cards will show
Drake Travel or Cruise Line
Make Money Order, Certified Checks or Personal Check
payable to:
Drake Travel LLC
Lastly, please be sure to visit the website or facebook site, regarding the cruise with all updates.  Again, we look forward to seeing all of you 2019.  Please share this information with any family or friends that maybe interested in going on the cruise.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact
Drake Travel LLC
Office: 1.803.738.8006 or Cell: 1.803.348.5483
for more information about the cruise, please leave a message.
Payment Information Below:

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